What I'm Reading Now

We're smack in the middle of our backyard makeover and in case you didn't know, I am not a landscape designer. Sure, I have some ideas, but not enough to create the backyard of our dreams. 
So I've turned to good old fashioned reading to gather more ideas and information. 

Right now I'm reading:
Veranda: The Art of Outdoor Living, by Lisa Newsom
The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll, by Richard Bisgrove

Clearly, the average yard is not going to be photographed and shared within the pages of these amazing books, but that doesn't mean that they aren't useful. There is so much inspiration that can be had, paired down and applied to my (or your) project.

I'd kill for this view, wouldn't you? Not going to happen, but what can happen are some of the same or similar plantings. Like the beautifully tall and slender cypress that scream European style.

Our new deck won't live up to the beauty and charm of this covered veranda, but it could feature similar architectural style with arches, lanterns and indoor furniture. 

The French style of this home is played up by the addition of a crushed stone patio, wrought iron furniture and potted greenery. Definitely something we could do in our backyard to incorporate more French style. 

Veranda: The Art of Outdoor Living is a book full of beautiful gardens and their stories, categorized by style, that should not be missed. 

Moving on to the Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll…this is a different book entirely. Full of beautiful images, as well as plans to recreate these gardens within your own home. 
I love her overflowing style, use of color, pathways and stone. 

Just look at that stone wall! You know I love it.
Ours will be on a much smaller scale, but the idea is similar. 

Another idea to borrow:  formal style garden with paths and borders balanced by cottage style, overflowing plantings. 
They say the more you plant, the less room for weeds. 
Sounds good in my book.


Idea to borrow: color pallet consistency.
I really love her use of varying shades of purple, green, and white with pops of yellow. 
And of course, those stone steps. They give the garden an old world feel, like it's been there for ages. 

The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll, another book I would highly recommend if you're tackling a garden design project in your own home. 

Off for more reading, dreaming and designing. 

until next time,