Wallpaper Lessons Learned and Musical Rugs

We finally wrapped up the foyer wallpaper project this week. 
Let's recap: a couple of weeks ago, in mid installation, we discovered we were short 2 double rolls. To make matters worse, I struggled to find the same "run" number on the paper. 
Different "runs" can have slightly different color tones, creating a noticeable difference on your overall project.
Fortunately, after a little research and several phone calls, I secured the same "run" at the same price I had paid previously. It had to be sourced from the mill, not just the warehouse, meaning delivery would take over 2 weeks. A small sacrifice to achieve a consistent look. 

Tip 1. Always better to overestimate rather than underestimate the amount of paper needed. Confirm return policy and/or re-stocking fees before you order!

Making the decision to paper the foyer didn't come easily. I really debated it. Not only is it a huge expense, but for a commitment-phobe like myself it's pretty scary to be stuck with one look for a long time. Plus, this particular paper and colorway is really bold and I worried how it would look with all the other elements in our home, especially as the paper was added after everything else. 
I breathed a sign of relief when the paper went up around the entry to the living room. Everything played well together, thankfully.

But, it was a different story for the view to the dining room. The bold, graphic black and white stripe rug doesn't play well with others. In fact, it was putting up quite the fight. 
Fortunately, the wall color and newly upholstered chairs pick up the green tones in the paper and work together to create a cohesive scheme. 2 out of 3 isn't all bad, I suppose.

Tip 2. Choose your wall covering first, then create an overall scheme. 

Truth is, I feared in advance that the paper and dining room rug wouldn't work together. It was one of the major factors that played into my delayed decision making process. I really love that rug and the statement it makes in the dining room, but I also really love the wall covering and in the end the wall covering won out.

So for now, it's bye-bye graphic black and white rug, and hello more neutral rug from the attic. I actually really like this rug in here, more than I anticipated. I think it lets the wall covering in the foyer and the paint in the dining room sing. Both bold and exciting, but not competing.

So, what do you think?
Any locals interested in a barely used, beautiful black and white rug :)

until next time,