Progress Report: Kitchen Garden

Behold the future site of our Charlotte Kitchen Garden. 
Doesn't look like much in this picture, but there's actually quite a bit of work to do to get this space up and running in time to plant this season. 

Check out this image from last Summer.
It really shows what we have to work with.  
More like what's working against us. 

Day lilies. What a nightmare. Have you ever run up against these guys? They are near impossible to get rid of. Super resilient. 
An overgrown fig tree, leggy mystery shrubs, neighboring branches blocking the light. What a mess. 

Fortunately, with a couple of nice days over the last couple weekends and everyone pitching in, we were able to make a sizable dent in the prep progress. 
Out came bags and bags and bags of roots, weeds, and pine straw. Plus, all those mystery shrubs.

What would a garden clearing post be without an action shot, I ask you?
Yeah for clear, open space.

Notice that black rope in the foreground? 
Yup, we are playing around with the layout of the garden. Practically doubling the size. (One) to take advantage of better light, but also (two) to make sure there is enough space to add decorative features to the garden. 

Just like our inspiration image, we want to incorporate crushed stone paths, flanked with brick, perhaps some trellis, a bird bath or other lawn art. You know, make it a real focal point to the yard. 

Can't you just see it now?

until next time,