Progress Report: Backyard

When it comes to outside space, the kitchen garden isn't the only area we are working on. We're also tackling the backyard. Remember the ideas we outlined here? Well, work is officially underway.

Thanks to this guy that came to play.
After a lot of research and time spent on Angie's List, we settled on this company. Other than some scheduling issues mostly due to this crazy winter, we can't complain. Down to earth, affordable, helpful, and very fast working.

Our yard has gone from this…
(Which actually looks pretty nice, but didn't utilize all the available space. In a smallish yard, too much was dedicated to "natural space". Not to mention the swamp that occurred every time it rained.)

To this.
No more small grass patch surrounded by "natural space". AKA monkey grass, old compost pile, salt lick, scraggly old bushes, roots, weeds and other potential snake hangouts. 

A freshly seeded blank slate. 
Sometimes starting over is the best decision.

until next time,