Treasure Hunting

We are loving craigslist lately. Not only did we sell our barstools, we also sold the wine bar. That's right, we are now down to a respectable 2 bars in our home. 
(No idea what I am talking about? Check it out here.)
With a little extra cash in our pockets, we headed out to one of our favorite treasure hunting spots, Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, to see what we could find.

High on the priority list was a coffee table for the den. Fortunately, Sleepy Poet didn't disappoint. Loads of options at the ready. 
When you are shopping in a place like this, it's really important to go in with an open mind. 
Ideally, I wanted a round metal coffee table. Instead I came across a glass and iron table, a scalloped edged wood table, a brass moroccan table, and a leather upholstered ottoman. 

While you are thinking about which table we decided on, here's a reminder of where we were before. Using a lovely basket from Ikea as our coffee table. Not exactly ideal, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Surprise: the iron and glass table. 
We love the cabriole style legs, which feel ever so French, and the clean simple lines that keep it feeling fresh and light. 
A perfect fit to my Fresh French Traditional style.

I hate to even tell you what I paid for this table. It's just so ridiculous. 
Can you believe it? I'm still struggling with it myself. 
I do love the hunt, especially when it results in a true deal.

until next time,