A Spot to Linger

Our living room isn't the only space that I've been interjecting a little fresh traditional style into, our kitchen is getting in on the action, too.

You may recall that I opted to list our old kitchen counterstools on Craigstlist back in the Fall. Mistake, let me just tell you. They sold that day. I spent the next 2 months looking everywhere online for an affordable counterstool to take their place. 
(Turns out counters height is decidedly more difficult to find than bar height.) 
It was not easy.
My wants: an upholstered or slipcovered counter height stool in a fresh fabric to add a little pattern, contrast and interest to the kitchen. Oh, and I didn't want to spend a fortune. 
That's the clincher.
Just when I thought all was lost, I stumbled upon these guys at HomeGoods. Geometric fabric in a coordinating gray to the countertops, nailhead trim, counter height - need I go on? They are perfection. Adding that touch of freshness to my mostly traditional kitchen. Score. HomeGoods happy.

And then there's this. 
There's not much more traditional than hanging a botanical in a kitchen. Am I right? But the oversized scale, black background and scientific style help keep it modern and not too stuffy. 
Plus, I'm digging how the black in the poster plays with the ebony legs of the counterstools and the iron lanterns. 

It's so important to repeat themes throughout your home to establish continuity and flow.

I can't even remember where I first saw an image of this poster, but I do remember that my jaw dropped when I discovered it was from Ikea. Ikea is the budgeteers best friend!
Note: Ikea is not currently carrying this poster, I found mine on ebay, by searching SIBBARED.

Seems as though my little plan to add a touch of black throughout the house is working. 
(you can read more about that here.) 
The stools have been a great addition that everyone, especially the girls, are loving. I'm so happy we went with an upholstered chair with a back - they really are comfortable and make lingering over that morning cup of coffee so much more enjoyable. 
Ha, yeah right - linger over coffee! Now that's funny. Not happening in this house anytime soon.

Hope you had a great weekend and got a chance to linger over your coffee.

until next time,