A Proper Foundation

One of the little delights awaiting us upon our return from Florida was the new rug we ordered for the den. You see, I never really felt like our den had the proper foundation because the rug was too small. 

Sure there is an argument for allowing the beautiful hardwood floors to shine, but there's also an argument saying a room needs to be an anchored by an appropriately sized rug. 
See how all the furniture was floating around the edges of our existing rug? The rug felt like an island in the middle of the room, not like it was part of a cohesive design for the space. 

Thanks to an email coupon from Overstock, no more island. 
Hello, room foundation. 
All the furniture is touching the rug, the room size is appropriately defined and I finally feel like we have a good starting point to kick off a design plan.

Natural fiber rugs are a great option to affordably cover a lot of space. They look great layered with accent rugs making them extremely versatile and flexible to almost any style. I have both sisal and seagrass rugs in my home, but choose to go with jute in the den because it is a much more plush option and has more of a beige tone (whereas sisal can be more yellowish).

I'm loving this rug, although it is shedding like a beast!
Soft, plush, great texture, very warm in color tone - it has transformed this space - so much so that I almost don't notice that fan. Or the chair in desperate need of recovering. 

until next time,