Loving This Week

Four day weekend - check. Family in town - check. Platform tennis tournament and urgent care visit after a direct hit to the eye - check. 60 degree day that included a bike ride and an afternoon at the park - check. 
Yup, it's been pretty jam packed around here hence the lack of posts. As always, I'm Mommy first and blogger second. So, while we gear up for another fun filled week (and hey, it's hump day already - can't complain about that. too much.), I thought I'd share some of the happenings around here and what's inspired us lately. 

I tackled a small beautifying project the other day with the help of fabric covered duck tape, check it out here. I didn't even know this product existed until last week and now I am hooked. I want to duct tape everything, but I won't. But I could…

I finally pulled the trigger on the gold polk-a-dot decals I've been coveting. I originally saw them on the Land of Nod website, but ultimately purchased them from Amazon (way cheaper). They are destined for the family room. And we are loving them. More to come…

I've been spending way too much time at Michael's lately. Their coupons are crazy good. In a dangerous sort of way. I've been on the search for artwork for Tessa's big girl room for months now, with no luck or even a light at the end of the tunnel, we are trying our hand at a little DIY canvas art. Wish us luck, I am more than positive we will need it.

With Spring right around the corner (we hope!) I've become obsessed within indoor plants. They are literally cropping up (pun intended) everywhere in our home. 
PS. Gilly got a serious bowl upgrade curtesy of yet another 40% coupon at Michael's. 

Our wheels are also spinning this week, as Eloise is prepping to make the move from nursery to little girl room this year. It's been a constant rotation of crib, air mattress on the floor, crib without one side, crib without two sides, back to the air mattress. 
Fun times.

And finally, this post from the Handmade Home is making the rounds in blogland and I have to say it is inspirational. I'm thinking our classic dollhouse might need a fresh traditional makeover!

Speaking of fresh traditional, Kim over at Savvy Southern Style featured our living room this week on her blog. She has been so supportive of our little slice of blogland and I just can not thank her enough. Great inspiration on her blog, daily. Check it out.

More to come, guys. Thanks for bearing with me. 

until next time,