An Afternoon Like Any Other

It was an afternoon like any other. I was helping Tessa in the kitchen with her homework. Eloise disappeared to the family room. I didn't think much of it, at first, this was all very normal. But after awhile, I noticed it was really quiet upstairs. 
Too quiet. Eerily quiet.
Someone was up to no good. 
She greeted me at the top of the stairs and said with a certain twinkle in her eye: "I'm not doing anything". 
That's when I knew she was definitely doing something…

Someone had found the decals. 
Fortunately, she takes after her Mommy and had the good sense to only add the gold polka dot decals to the back wall of the family room. Of course, they were all on top of each other in a 10 inch space about 2 feet from the floor. Not exactly the pattern I had in mind. But, I can appreciate a creative spirit. At least that is what I kept telling myself…she was so proud and genuinely thought she had truly helped. 

Here in lies the beauty of the decal. They were super easy to remove, kept their cling factor and didn't object to my relocation.
No harm, no foul. 

Side note: I used both 2 inch and 3 inch decals, from Amazon. 
(not an affiliate link)

Side note 2: yes, that is our old breakfast room table paired with the milk paint cedar chest from our old foyer. Together they create a well loved crafting zone in our new family room.

Truth is, I've had the idea of using gold dot decals stored in the back of my mind since this Summer. In fact, they are why I choose such a neutral color, BM Novemeber Rain, for the family room. 
But, I was nervous they would be hard to work with, look cheap, tear, not stick or a million other things that kept me from moving forward. Now, I'm so happy we finally added them to this cheerful, creative space. 
Hope you had a great weekend!

until next time,