Loving This Week

Now that things are calming down on the home front, I'm hoping to get back to a more normal routine, blogging included, AND I'm making time for new clients. 
Check out my Design Services page for more info. 

In the meantime, I've got a fresh post for you featuring some of the things that have caught my eye this week. 

Like this little gem I ran across at HomeGoods earlier this week. If only I was in the market for a new couch! 
side note: still there as of yesterday, for anyone local.
Sometimes HomeGoods hits it out of the park, and sometimes they don't.

Like with this massive steel horse. 
Surprisingly it's already on clearance :)

This post from Miss Mustard Seed really spoke to me. Especially as we work around our house to make it into our family home. What are the reasons behind my choices and are they best for my family? Can we really expect our families to live in "photo-ready" homes?

Shorts on, doors wide open, pumpkin carving - is it really almost November?

Loving this post by Driven by Decor where she hints at a new project she is working on, covering an inexpensive chest of drawers with fabric. I've seen the high end version of fabric covered chests with grommeting everywhere as of late - can't wait to see if this works out!

I'm also loving this image posted by Genevieve Gorder, which has inspired the latest project in our own home. More details next week.

Happy Halloween!

until next time,