Trees, Swings and Summer

Labor day weekend is over. I hope you enjoyed your last official weekend of summer. We spent the first couple of days in Hilton Head and had an amazing time! So good, we tried to extend our stay, but it just wasn't meant to be. Which worked out fine in the end, because when we got home, we were finally able to tackle our first family project in our new house. 

Before I get too far along in this story, I'll back track just a bit. Remember my post highlighting some of the lesser features of our new home? One of the biggest issues we needed to sort out straight away was all the moisture caused mostly by neglect - overgrown trees, overflowing gutters, etc. 
Job number 1 - call in the tree service. 

In case you didn't know, trees actually touching your home and hanging on the roof is a big no-no.  Someone obviously forgot to tell the previous owner this little tidbit of information :)
So, we called out the big guns, and brought in this company who came highly recommended on Angie's list. We found their prices to be very fair and their service was quick and efficient. What more do you need, I ask 'ya?

After some seriously crazy arial acts, our house now has a much sunnier outlook on life. No more living in the shadows for us. 
But, the tree service did more for us than just shed some light on the yard, they also made our before mentioned family project a possibility. You see, while they were up there shimmying around on the ropes, we had them hang a couple long ropes from an old oak tree to hang our new yard swing.

Which brings us full circle back to the start of this post - the long awaited and much anticipated family project. 
The girls, helping. Especially Eloise who is testing out the construction quality of the backrest. 
We ordered the swing through Hayneedle and couldn't be happier with it. Reasonable pricing, quick delivery (and super easy to put together) will send me back to their site again and again. 

The girls are loving it. As is the biggest kid in our family! 

Hope you enjoyed your last weekend of summer because, it's back to life, back to!

until next time,