Reading Corner

We're making progress in the hot pink bedroom. 

Now that Tessa is getting older and in kindergarten, incorporating a reading nook into her new bedroom is top on the priority list. 
(If you remember, in her last room we opted to remove the chaise to make more space for floor play.)
But, once we got both twin beds in her room plus her big dresser AND the chaise, space became hard to find. We thought about a bookcase between the beds, but eventually I' d like to put a desk there. Translation, I don't want to invest in a piece that won't fit long term. 

Then, I remembered the super functional {and cute} bookshelf my sister-in-law put in our nephews room and the possibility of adding extra storage came back into focus. 

The Madison 4-Shelf bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids is a great solution. At only 5.5" deep it can squeeze in almost anywhere. Plus, Tessa loves that it looks similar to the book shelving at school. And I love that we can see all the titles of her favorite books. So much easier than sliding each book out than putting it back in after deciding it's not the book she wanted.

The truth is this girl has a lot of stuff and I'm trying my hardest to find a place for everything she loves. 

Next up on the hot pink bedroom list is finally tackling her new-to-us bed frames (aka a craigslist find). I might be loosing my nerve on the super fun color I had planned in lieu of something way more practical, hence the delay. Decisions, decisions.

Hope you had a great weekend!

until next time,