1 Month In

We closed on our new home in Charlotte one month ago today, officially. It feels pretty hard to believe. We've made a lot of progress, thankfully, as we plan to move in next week. 

living room, before

living room, progress

In the living room, there really wasn't much work to do. We painted the walls Edgecomb Gray (by Benjamin Moore), which is a lovely milky latte color, and unpacked the boxes. For the moment, we've used most of our old living room furniture. But, as you can probably tell, this room is a lot smaller than our old living room. Translation - some changes will have to be made in terms of what furniture works in here and what doesn't. 
More to come on that...

bonus room, before

playroom, progress

We turned the former bonus room/5th bedroom into a playroom/family room for the girls. We painted the walls November Rain (by Benjamin Moore), which is greeny gray neutral. We also painted the back hallway and laundry room the same color, although it looks totally different due to the lack of natural light in that area. Our old breakfast room table is really the only piece of proper furniture in this space (for now) - perfect for our two little crafters. We'd like to get a sleeper sofa/sectional up here, which we think would be great for family movie night, backup guest room, or kids sleep overs. 

kitchen, before

kitchen, progress

The kitchen is really where we have been focusing the majority of our efforts. The perimeter cabinets have been lacquered in Acadia White (BM), while the island cabinets were lacquered in Brewster Gray (BM). Our appliances came in yesterday, although they are not fully installed as of yet. Our new counters come tomorrow!!! It's really starting to take shape and we couldn't be more pleased!
Oh, and by the way, that is not a purple backsplash - that has yet to come in. 

Tessa's room, before

Tessa's room, progress

All the bedrooms upstairs, received new carpet and paint. Tessa's room received two coats of paint because, honestly, the first color I picked just wasn't right. Way too peachy. The second color, Patient White, by Sherwin Williams, is a really subtle pink. A good compromise for the girl that wanted a hot pink room. Before you go thinking I'm not indulging her creative side, I'll let you in on a little secret - there will be hot pink. Lots of hot pink. Be scared. I am.

We've made headway in other room, of course, but these are definitely the farthest along at the moment. More to share soon, promise. 

until next time,