Sneak Peak

It's Friday, ya'll! And, I am excited.
1. It's the start to a long weekend,
2. The interior work on our house is nearing completion,
3. We booked a last minute trip to the beach and leave tonight!

One of the things we were most excited about moving to the South for were all the new and exciting travel destinations. In Chicago, we always felt a little trapped. Like you had to drive hours upon hours to get anywhere and then you are still in the middle of nowhere. So, we promised ourselves that we would get out there and explore our new region as often as possible.

Originally, we hadn't planned anything for the weekend, but when our contractor told us he was planning on sealing the floors in the house (meaning no access for us) this weekend, we knew we had to plan something. A long weekend sitting around the apartment just doesn't spell Labor Day weekend celebration! Now, does it?

We've already traveled to the mountains to explore Blowing Rock, NC so this time we are headed to the beach. We found a great deal on Orbitz for a beach front resort in Hilton Head, SC. Love that site! Hopefully, it's as great as the pics make it out to be! I spent a lot of summers near Hilton Head as a kid, so I am excited to share some of these memories with our kids. 

I'm leaving you with some sneak peaks of the house progress. Our furniture could arrive anytime after the 5th September, so we are gearing up for another big transition. 

Have a great holiday weekend! See you on Tuesday.

until next time,