Pattern and Color Inspiration from BHG

In anticipation of our epic car journeys from Ohio to Charlotte, I stockpiled some of my favorite shelter magazines to browse/kill time in the car. Meaning, I didn't open my BHG July issue until the very end of June. That's a long wait. But, it was totally worth the wait because inside the magazine there was inspiration galore. 
The tour of Brenda Vizzi Delaware home really struck a cord with me. I knew, immediately, that I wanted to share it here, with you all, but unfortunately I couldn't find any decent pictures online. So, I resorted to photographing the magazine spread. Not exactly ideal, but when it's good and you want to share it, you gotta do what you gotta do. 
(What I'm trying to say is, please forgive me for the quality of these pics!)

Where to start? I don't even know. 
First, I love that it's bright and youthful and doesn't take itself too seriously. You can just tell that a family with a lot of personality lives here, and I love that. Neutral, but warm walls, paired with bright furniture. It's pulled together, but not too fussy. 
You may remember my coral sofa...perhaps that's why this room speaks to me so. 

The dining room. Those chairs, yes those chairs. Slipcovered in outdoor fabric. Brilliant. Just imagine the ease of clean-up! 
As you may remember, we made a big push to de-formalize our dining room in our last home and have all our meals there. Freeing up precious first floor space for the kids to play. It worked out great, except that the chairs that took a beating from the kids spilling. 
I'd so much rather have a chairs like these, where I'd feel comfortable having anyone eat in the dining room than a fancy room we are afraid to use. 
And, of course, the fabric selection is spot on with the understated grass cloth covered walls. 

I love, love, love this modern geometic lattice inspired wall covering. Of course, being green doesn't hurt either. I'm in hot pursuit of a sample to possibly paper my foyer and upstairs hallway. Obviously, it's a big commitment because paper is not inexpensive and then you have to have hire a professional to hang it. I suppose you could stencil it...
At any rate, I'm in love and I'm not afraid to admit it and/or steal the idea for my own home :)

The magazine spread has a couple more images that I haven't included here, but you get the idea. This family loves color and pattern and they aren't afraid to embrace it. You wouldn't normally expect to see such a large scale patterned paper in a bedroom, more like a powder room, but it really works in this space. 
I'm hoping to embrace color and pattern in our new home and I'll definitely be taking inspiration from this home tour. 
Where have you found inspiration lately?

until next time,