Saying Goodbye to Chicago: Packing

Monday morning, 7am. The packers were raring to go. Wish I could have said the same for myself. After a quick breakfast and a frantic call to the sitter, John and I got our act together and sorted out what will be our "stuff" for the next 3+ months while we search for a new house.

The packers were fast, seriously fast. Packing up the lower level before 10am. 

Finishing off the first floor by 2. 

One truck loaded by the end of the day.

I've never been so happy to drive a mini-van in my whole life. That's a lot of stuff! It's surprising what becomes indispensable to a 5 year old during a time like this. Thank goodness our furnished housing has a lot of storage!

The house was pretty much cleared by mid day Tuesday. 
Supervising is tough work! ha. 

Wednesday is our last day. We'll be locking the door on this chapter of our lives and heading South. Hard to believe. 

until next time,