Saying Goodbye to Chicago: Farewell Party

Who decides to throw their own farewell party, for 50 people, two days before the movers arrive with a day of rain forecasted - this girl. That's who. 

I mean, how else were we going to clear out the bar and pantry? 

But, fortunately, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful albeit steamy afternoon to spend saying our goodbyes to friends and family. 

This was by far the easiest, most enjoyable party that I have ever hosted and definitely the least Designing Domesticity - esque. We had a bit of food catered, friends brought apps and desserts, we used paper plates, bowls and cups - and nothing matched or ever coordinated. How liberating! 
Set up took all of 30 mins as did the break down. 

Thank you to all our friends for coming out, helping us clear the bar, and more importantly saying goodbye. It's been a great 4 years back in Chicago - we will miss you all! 

Today and tomorrow the house is getting packed up and we are driving off on Wednesday - it's so very hard to believe. It felt like we had so much time, but just like that, we are leaving. It's hard to even express how we are feeling - sad, excited, overwhelmed, and sad again :(
More to come.

until next time,