Sneak Peek

Whoa doggie, I am sick. I mean really sick. Like 2 sweatshirts, a down coat, 2 pairs of pants shivering under 3 blankets kind of sick. Now, I know what was keeping Baby E up every night last week and making her whine all day long. If I didn't feel so bad, I'd feel worse for her. Fortunately, she's on the mend and I know I will be too. Soon, hopefully. 
Despite my lack of posts, I have been working behind the scenes on my front hall makeover. It's actually come together much quicker than anticipated thanks to a great find at a local shop. 

Alexis Vintiques Design is a wonderful source for custom painted furniture, antiques and vintage pieces. Not to mention, inspiration galore. Admittedly, it isn't the most affordable of options but if you are lucky Alexis might just take you into her studio to sort through the "as is" stock. 

That's the beginning of the story behind this little entry table. It had to be special, small, and narrow. With nothing on the main floor, we checked out the studio for other options and that's when we came across this little gem. Perfect for our entry.
Can't wait to show you the rest.

until next time,