Working with Aqua {Client Work}

Recently I had the opportunity to work with another local client on her living room. As I mentioned in my last client post, there are so many great things about client work, but my most favorite is working with styles/colors/textiles etc that I don't have in my own home. In this case, the client wanted to accent her traditional living room with aqua, which isn't one of my go-to colors. It's been a fun avenue to explore. 

Sara lives in a quaint, sun-filled home, riddled with vintage details that I absolutely love. She's recently started to tackle her living room by adding new pieces, like the x-bench coffee table ottomans and armchairs. As well as the beautiful antique rug. She is still waiting on another chair she found on One Kings Lane (great deals, horrible wait times!). Since she has most of her main furniture and a great style direction in mind, she only needed a bit of help bringing it all together. 

Both of the armchairs shown are from Craigslist. Can you believe it? A girl after my own heart.

Even though they were happy with the current layout of the room, I couldn't help myself and had to suggest an alternative. It just kills me to walk into a room, from the front door no less, right into the back of the couch. 

{Side note, this seems to be an ongoing issue with me, as I did the exact same thing this week with another client! Can not help myself.}

The new furniture arrangement would keep the chairs in similar position, but move the couch to where the armoire currently is and the TV on the opposite wall. Of course, this would entail moving the cable, so it's no easy feat. But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I had a great time playing around on etsy in search of the perfect color combing, patterend toss pillows. I'd suggest using navy to tie the scheme to the existing rug and aqua as the highlight. 
Sara, also asked for some mantel suggestions so I pulled this little grouping {mirror, glass hurricanes and vintage wood candlesticks} together to pick up on her existing glass and brass accents. 
To keep the room from feeling too formal, I've made sure to balance the brass with lots of natural texture - like the woven side tables, and assorted floor pillows/poufs. 

This is an ongoing project that we'll be working on together and I couldn't be more excited. Thanks, Sara, for inviting me into your home.

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