Taking the Breakfast out of the Breakfast Room

I spent the weekend trying to take the breakfast out of our breakfast room, if you know what I mean. 

Out went the roosters, bowls, pitchers, and other miscellaneous kitchen paraphernalia. And in came the books...books, books, and more books. 

In fact, I wish I had more books to add. But, a collection is a good thing. And mine is one to add to. 
Anyway, it's a good excuse to update my decor books. 

I've also added a pair of green urns, as well as some framed art to fill the negative space. 

Blogging isn't a full time job for me, but mommy-hood is, so I share our new library workspace with the girls and their toys. 

Top half for Mommy, bottom half for the kids. 
And, much more library than breakfast room...wouldn't you say?

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