Drop Leaf Breakdown

You know how sometimes a short work week can feel really long? Well, this week has been the opposite for me. Like super fast. Crazy fast. Despite one night with only two hours sleep due to an ear infection. Honestly, I had no idea they could be so painful. To be awoken by blood curdling screams is not something I'd like to repeat anytime soon. 

On the other hand, moving the white drop leaf table to the corner of our living room is a move I'd do again and again.
(how's that for a transition?)

Previously, this corner has housed a constantly rotating collection of occassional chairs. The drop leaf table is a much better balance to the painted bar armoire. Don't you think?

Next step after placing the table in this corner was to style the space, obviously. 
I switched out the artwork from across the room; I like how the darker frame and canvas contrast the lighter table. It's all about creating a balance, after all. 
Following that thinking, I topped the table with the dark red lamp. Dark on light, you see. 
A basket of toys stored below the table is a must in this all purpose family space. Besides, you know how I love the layered look.

I consolidated my silver frames from around the room and added one statement frame for a bit of interest. I used to love the look of all silver frames, but lately, I've been trying to mix it up a bit. More eclectic and collected looking. Only time will tell which look sticks.

I'm liking the casual, temporary look of framed art leaning against the hung art. Looks kind of spontaneous. Hours spent creating an effortless look, right?
And because you can just never have enough candlelight - a hurricane adds a bit of glam to any vignette. 

There you have it, the breakdown of our newly styled drop leaf table.

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