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I'm working on a little behind the scenes project for my site {details of which I plan to share later this week} and realized I hadn't posted updated pictures of our kitchen. A year and half after completion and we're still loving it. 
Of course, we've made a couple changes here and there. Making things more functional and pretty. :)

The biggest change, that you are probably already getting sick of, is the addition of the sofa table turned island. {To read more about it, click here.} How we functioned prior to the island has quickly become a mystery. It has turned a one butt kitchen into a two butter faster than I thought possible. Love. That's really all there is to say. 

The only downside to the island is that it restricts the view of our beloved stove! {To read more about our stove selection, click here.} We initially choose this stove because we loved the look, but have been very happy with how it works and, of course, the capacity. And no, the fact that it is not self cleaning has not posed a problem for us - even with the weekly bread cooking at 500F.

My other favorite change over the last year and a half is the addition of the cafe curtains. Living in the urban suburbs of Chicago, our neighbors are literally a driveway width away. Not great for privacy. Replacing the roman shade with the cafe curtains allows us plenty of natural light, while maintaining our privacy. Plus, the little splash of color is a welcome addition to our mostly white kitchen. 

In search of additional and somewhat unconventional storage, we opted to hang our bread boards on the wall. Kitchen artwork is always such a challenge - do you go with the obligatory food/wine image or not? Now we have something pretty to look at as well as functional. Two birds, one stone. 

Yup, that's a Christmas wreath hanging on the back door. And no, these pictures aren't old. What can I say? I like it. Holding on to the season just a bit longer. 

Check back later in the week for an update on my 'behind the scenes' project.

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