Outdoor Christmas Decor Inspiration

Christmas is literally right around the corner. We've surpassed the two week mark, people. It's nearing crunch time. If you haven't finished off your outdoor decorating, I've compiled bunches of inspiration on my Pinterest board. And, decided to share some of my favorites here. 

Wreaths always play an important part of our outdoor display. Lots of features are being added to standard wreaths to really up the overall look. Loving this one. 

Wreaths in threes are big this year as well. Both vertical and horizontal. 

But, if wreaths aren't your thing, a simple door hanging, window boxes or pots are always a good idea. 

Or, just add it all together. 
Wreaths, door hanging, garland, lanterns, wood, tree, candles, lights, etc. I mean, what more could you ask for?

I hope you've found some inspiration here. We are expecting another mild weekend, so our outdoor decorations will officially be checked off the list. 

until next time,