Christmas Entryway 2012

After sharing my statement arrangement earlier this week, I knew that my entryway needed more.  I decided to tackle the stairway banister. I've never done this before and always worried it would get in the way, look too fake, etc.

I mean, real garland would look AMAZING. For about 5 minutes. And the mess, yikes. No thank you. 
So, I headed out to my local Michael's to see what I could find. Real looking garland can be so expensive, so in the end I settled on two bundles of the cheap-y stuff. Hoping that with the addition of a few pretty-drying greens, I could make it look a lot better. 

Mixing faux with real really is a no brainer. I did it on my mantel and in my statement arrangement. Magnolia leaves and boxwood dry beautifully and don't shed, which is the big bonus. Not sure what I was so afraid of, really. 

And now, I'm so happy that I added in the banister garland. It really finish off the space, ties in nicely with my reindeer arrangement and just feels so holiday-ish!
What more can a girl ask for? 

I wasn't a 100% sure on adding the bows. I like the natural look, as you know. But, I pulled this ribbon from my stash and think it looks lovely. It's slightly raffia-ish, but with a nice gold tone. Casual, but still elegant.

Of course, our Santa hats are here as well. As is this little holiday toned teddy bear and our jingle bells. Yes, it's definitely feeling festive now. 

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