Kitchen Island Revisited

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We certainly did. We spent the holiday weekend visiting family in Ohio, taking in all the area had to offer including some lovely weather around Thanksgiving and snow shortly there after. The perfect way to ring in the new season, wouldn't you say? Now, I can't wait to turn my attention to Christmas decorations. 
{The carols are streaming already!} 

In the meantime, I wanted to share a bit more about our kitchen island. In case you missed it, we transformed a sofa table into a kitchen island by replacing the feet and adding a butcher block top. {You can read more about it by clicking here.} The only problem was that we hadn't decided what to do with the new feet - leave them in their natural wood state or paint them to match. The overwhelming response on Apartment Therapy was to paint, despite the potential headache of matching the color.

Majority rules around these parts, so painted they were. Two coats of our cabinetry color, BM White Down left them feeling a bit too light. To warm them up, we added two coats of golden oak stain. Just the right amount of yellowing...

While the island was upside down, we took advantage of the exposed underside and added a couple of screws to each side to more fully secure the butcher block top. In this case, more is more.

It's not a perfect match, by any means, but it does look a lot better than the natural wood feet. So we're happy.

And, for those of you wondering about the top...we decided not stain it darker, but instead let it darken with age. Of course, the three coats of Mineral Oil we've used to seal the wood are helping as well. 

Now, she's all ready to be the work horse we need her to be this winter. Winter baking, cooking and entertaining coming her way.

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