Jumping Off

I'm one of those people that needs a serious jumping off point when it comes to designing a room. Usually I find an image of a room that I find inspirational, like this or this. Then I turn to fabric selection to work out the color scheme. 

Kind of like how we handled the living room. Once we found this fabric {above}, the wall color and color scheme as a whole for the first floor really came together. 

So, now I'm on the hunt for new fabric for our dining room. 
Here's what I'm thinking...
I want to carry the color pallet through from my kitchen and living room, but I want to highlight a different color, so not green {kitchen} or yellow {living room}. That leaves me with the reddish rust color, which will hopefully become the wall color. Because we're planning to use a saturated wall color, I need a lighter background to the fabric to keep the room from feeling too dark.

The easiest way for me to bring all these colors together without using another stripe is a floral or paisley. Truth be told, I really, really, really want a paisley, but I just haven't found a lot of options {yet}.
Here's a sampling of fabrics that we're considering for our dining room. 
Clockwise, we have:

Now, here's the part when I ask for your advice. Tell me, which would you choose? 

until next time,