Gold Stars

Little Miss T and I finished off another project this weekend and she'd like to share it with you...check out her new reward board. Complete with gold, sparkly stars.

Don't tell us you can't see it. 
That's just ridiculous - it's as plain as day. 
Well, at least to us, and that could very well be my most favorite part of this project. 

You see, as parents, the Mr. and I have been noticing how well Miss T reacts to positive feedback, like stars, etc. Hence the idea of a reward chart was born. 

But you know me, it couldn't just be any old boring, store bought reward chart. No sir.

Once we set our minds to it, this project came together pretty quickly and most importantly, pretty inexpensively. {Because as any experienced parent will tell you, the novelty will probably wear off.}

The frame was left over from the framed alphabet cards in the nursery. And you may remember my way-off-base fabric for the guest room? Together, they create what looks like a cute little bit of fabric art for the big girl room.

Come a little closer and you'll see the chart outline we drew on with a dry erase marker. Easy cleaning for changing up the tasks or even erasing all together, when the novelty has officially worn off. 

The stars are simple wooden cutouts we picked up at Michael's. Transformed with a quick coat of gold spray paint, followed by gold sparkle paint, and a clear coat of protectant to keep it all in place. 
Sorry, but I do not want gold glitter all over my house!

A little dab of sticky tack adheres them to the board.

The gold stars and sticky tack are definitely Miss T's favorite part. That, of course, and getting them.

For now, we are loving our new reward chart and it's helping to keep us on the straight and narrow :) We're working on cleaning our room, getting in and out of our car seat all by ourselves, eating balanced meals, and above all, listening!

P.S. thanks Aunt Linda for the headband. We haven't taken it off since Saturday!

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