Fall Inspired Centerpiece

Remember when I mentioned that we had some of our neighbors over for dinner recently? And, how it turned out to be the last showing of our dining room before the beginning of the remodel? And, how lucky we were to find and move the hutch, from Craigslist, into the space before our little get together?

Well, as you know, no dinner party is complete without a little centerpiece, so I thought I'd share something I whipped up just before the big night.

Truth be told, I didn't really know what I wanted to create, but I headed to one of my favorite inexpensive spots for plants to look for inspiration. 
Home Depot, don't you know! 
Where you can find a rockin' orchid for as little as $12.99 ~ I saw this guy and was blown away by his beautiful fall inspired colors. 

They almost always carry a good variety of, what they refer to as, Angel plants for $2.99 ~ I picked up 3 plants that worked with the colors in the orchard. As I was heading for the door, I spotted this great clay vessel with more fall inspired colors for only $19.99! That's better than HomeGoods, people. 

Once I was home, I filled the vessel with pebbles, for drainage, and potting soil. Then it was just a matter of arranging.
 {The little fern came from a planter that had lived on the porch.} 
I kept the orchid in it's own pot to protect the roots from getting too wet, but the other little plants are planted straight into the vessel. Easy enough.

Spanish Moss fills in most of the holes plus I grabbed a couple fall oriented odds and ends to add a bit of interest. 
Pine cones, acorns, decor orbs, etc.

All in, I spent about $45 on this centerpiece, which of course, is no spare change. But, this 'arrangement' should carry me straight through to winter, which makes it pretty budget friendly. So, that's just fine by me. 

Now you know, the next time you're looking for a quick centerpiece, don't forget to check out Home Depot. 
{btw, I was in no way paid or compensated for this post, I just wanted to share the love when it comes to Home Depot's floral department.}

PS. Sneak peek of the new dining room layout revealed in these images. Did you notice?

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