Dining Room Progress: Week 1 {wall paper removal}

So, how'd it go in the dining room this week? I'll tell you. We actually managed to get quite a bit done, which of course, is great. But, the best part has really been working with little Miss T.  

First things first, the wallpaper had to go. We were all thrilled to find that the top layer of the paper literally ripped right off. As you can see, T was really into helping.

Once the top layer was off, we were left with just the under paper. Fortunately, we invested in a steamer this time around so tackling this wouldn't be too bad. At least that was the hope. Of course, you never know what's lurking under that paper.

Also on the list this week was to remove the chair moulding. We never really understood/liked it being so low. So it went from this...

To this. 
As they say, it has to get worse before it can get better.   

Next up..getting rid of that under paper. Everyone got involved in the steaming and scrapping. T took the safety precautions very seriously...safety glasses at all times!

After the wallpaper came off, and we washed off the adhesive with TSP, we found the walls to be in fairly good shape. Of course, it wasn't all smooth sailing..we have plenty of repairs to make.

Speaking of things lurking under the paper, clearly there had been picture moulding here at one time. 

Like I said, not all smooth sailing...due to an old water leak, when we removed the moulding the whole wall came down. Whoops. Looks like we know what's on the schedule for next week. 

until next time,