What's Next?

I'm finally getting around to all the tedious details associated with a room reveal. Who doesn't love a morning spent spackling, sanding and touch up painting - you know? That's right, I am officially calling it on the Master Bedroom...stick a fork in her, she's done. So, come 'round for a reveal, hopefully next week. 

{Thanksgiving 2011}

To keep my mind off the so-not fun task of touch up, I've been brainstorming about the next project to tackle around the house. After a lot of debate and a bit of inspiration, we've decided to focus on the dining room. 
What can I say about the dining room? 
It's the only room on the first floor that hasn't been touched. 
I've got a love/hate relationship with the existing, very eye-catching wall covering. I hated it when we bought the house, then it grew on me, now I am back to wanting it gone. 

{Wall covering - even if I did love it, it's in bad shape - coming off in places, water damaged, torn, etc}

Here's the other thing. It's a great space. Tons of light. And could add so much to our home. But, it gets virtually no use as is. Sure, there are the holiday dinners and an occasional date night or family dinner, but otherwise nothing. And in a house this size, we just can't afford to not use it. 

So, just like in our newly re-vamped BGR, we put our minds to coming up with a solution to this problem. 
First and foremost, I wanted to make it feel less formal. All this dark, heavy wood furniture just doesn't speak to me like it used too. I want a lighter, fresher, more youthful look. Something that speaks to my signature style - casual, rustic elegance. 
And, I want it to be multi purpose. Office/library, homework/hangout zone, dining room - yeah, I pretty much want it all. 

Sounds like a lot, but I think we've got a plan. Nothing earth shattering, but a plan nonetheless. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of inspiration...which I'll share a bit later. Waiting on a little Craigslist collection :)

until next time,