Who remembers that beautiful pine hutch as featured in my dining room inspiration post?
I do. 
So much so, that when I ran across this beaut on craigslist I almost jumped out of my seat. 

Seriously, it's like the stars aligned, the clouds parted and the angels began to sing. 
I mean, how often do you find exactly what you are looking for, within budget, on your first try?

We moved her into the dining room a little bit ago. She sat undressed for awhile, mostly because I knew the remodel was about to begin and dressing her all up seemed a bit silly. Two days later, we made plans with neighbors to come over for dinner and I finally had a good excuse to get down to business.

So I grabbed a little bit of this and a little bit of that, playing with whites, greens and blues. And of course, my favorite tarnished silver.
 {Right now my Mom is so embarrassed to see that I haven't polished it, but what can I say, I like it this way.}

Eventually, I might start collecting things specifically for this space, but for now, this works just fine. 
Besides, I'll be taking it all down again shortly :(

I just can't believe that I found this piece on Craigslist. And for $150, I am confident that I made the right choice to snatch it up.
So, what do you think? Good score, right?

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