Dining Room Plans and Inspiration

I've been rattling on and on about all the plans for our dining room, but I've yet to share any real details.  As you probably guessed it, it's because we like to just jump in and see where it takes us. Not exactly the best way to get it done, but seems to be a pattern we just can not break.

So, here's what I can tell you so far.
We plan to rework the wood moulding by carrying the board and batten through from the front hall. And, we plan to do it ourselves (eek)!

The above image was recently featured on the blog, Cottage and Vine, and I tell you, it was love at first sight. 

{from the dining room, looking into the foyer}

{from the foyer, looking into the dining room}

The only other main bit of construction (other than wallpaper removal, which we also plan to take on ourselves) is to do with this arch. The previous owners enclosed the arch to add louvered doors. We removed the doors when we first moved in, but the enclosed arch and casing have remained. Hopefully, not for too much longer. Oh and by the way, we will be hiring someone for this part of the project.

In terms of what's going on the walls after said wallpaper has been removed and said trim has been updated, well, unfortunately, we aren't really sure. We are leaning toward a color similar to this. Why? Well, you know how I feel about color pallet flow from room to room...this shade makes a lot of appearances throughout the house. So we'll see. 

Then it's just a matter of finding the perfect fabric for window covering and pillows. At the moment, we are liking the above. But still far from a decision. 

The final step will be to add back in the furniture, which is where this image comes in. I'm loving the rustic elegance - the beautiful blingy, sparkly chandelier paired with the rustic pine hutch. 
LOVE it. Inspiration galore. 
So inspiring, in fact, that we decided to move our own antique pine jam cabinet into the dining room to see what we thought. So many things to think about.

until next time,