A Fall Welcome {foyer}

Ever since I shared my new mantel-scape, I am sure you've been dying to know what happened to my hand painted, PB inspired, round, wooden mirror. Well, you'll be happy to know that it's found a new home {at least for now} in our foyer. 

Playing with all the open space on my sideboard has been one of my favorite aspects of moving it into the foyer. 
{Moving the sideboard out of the dining room was the first step, of many, that I have taken to make our dining room less formal and more approachable.} 
I just can't seem to get enough. Some people, like my Mom, think it's too big for the space, but not me. I love seeing the slightly more formal sideboard, usually accessorized with more rustic pieces, when we first walk in. It's a little unexpected, which is always a good thing.

The only downside is that it covers the pretty wood moulding fronting the switchback staircase, but it's a compromise I'm willing to make. Clearly.
Changing this little vignette came together pretty organically, seeing as I needed a new home for the mirror {previously on the mantel} and lamps {previously in the dining room}.
And really, these sweet little buffet lamps do belong on the sideboard, so that was a no brainer. 

The beautiful orange mums were given to us as a gift by our sweet neighbors. They joined us for dinner over the weekend - the last meal in the dining room before makeover magic is set to begin. 

Stop back later in the week to see more plans and inspiration for our upcoming dining room project.

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