Room re-jig, Organization, and Switcher-oo

What now seems like forever and a day ago, I painted a second dresser white and moved it into our bedroom to act as a bedside table. The change was a long time coming, not only because I had purchased the dresser quite awhile ago, but also because it took me FOREVER to convince Mr. DD of the merits the extra dresser would bring to the room. 

After all, let's face it, 4 dressers, a sweater chest and two built-in cupboards in one room does seem a bit like storage overkill. 

{Although, I would have to argue, can one ever really have enough storage?}

But, clearly, I won that battle. So, how did I do it? Well, I'll tell all happened one faithful weekend when Mr. DD was out of town. I spent every free moment of said weekend re-arranging the bedroom. Dressers, closets, chests. You name it, I re-organized it. 

One of the biggest obstacles in this room is that bloomin' loveseat, which used to reside in the corner of the room.  While I love it for somethings, I don't for others, and sometimes I wouldn't mind chucking it out the window. But alas, it's staying and this is one of the only rooms big enough to accommodate it. 

The loveseat found a new home, in front of the radiator at the base of the window, which has freed up the corner for the antique English dresser.

This really was the only possible layout that didn't leave us with two dressers on one wall, which I think is safe to say, is not a good look. Fortunately, I am liking the cozy, layered feel that this new arrangement is giving the room. What a relief, because we were well and truly out of options. 

During this same weekend, I managed to switch cupboards with Mr. DD as well. I went from this, which quite frankly, is a serious disaster. 

To this. 
So much better. 
See, all the extra storage really is coming in handy. And no, I didn't fill his extra dresser, I just made better use of mine {two}. Of course, getting rid of the hanging closet organizer really helped {as did the now matching hangers}. Not sure what I'll do with my sweaters come winter, but in this 90+ degree heat it's easy to put that on the back burner for now. 

Anyway, now that the room is re-arranged and organized I can finally start in on the fun stuff. Like accessories. Most of the dresser tops are just place holders at the moment - I'm finding it incredibly difficult to accessorize a man's space. 

He's all like, what's this for? I don't need that. 

Since when is design about need anyway :)

But seriously, I have made a couple of changes to help our very well-loved {as in, worn out} loveseat along. The grey cashmere throw is one of my favorites and definitely had to make the trip up from the basement family room. I made the yellow and white pillow, from left over bedding and pinboard fabric, with my trusty envelope method. The other ikat pillow I found on etsy during a recent sale. 

Wow, this is a wordy post. Who knew I'd have so much to say about our bedroom switcher-oo?

until next time,