Vanity Organization Inspiration

Now that I have a much less scantily clad vanity area {I finally put a skirt on it. In case you missed it, click here.}, I'm desperately in need of some stylish organization for the counter-top. 

You see, we have the smallest of master baths, with virtually no storage whatsoever. So, my vanity area has to work hard, but it has to look good too. Lately, I've been on the look out for some super functional, yet attractive storage solutions for jewelry, make-up and the like. 

Time to get creative, because let me be the first to tell you, there aren't a lot of obvious solutions. 


I love this super eclectic mix of storage and display options for all my jewels. A space saver as well, which is always good in my book.

Martha has done it again with this interesting mix of plates, bowls and tea cups. Unfortinately, I don't have the drawer space to make this happen and it would just take up too much space on my one and only counter-top.


An interesting framed wall display is always an option, plus it frees up the counter-top. I smell a DIY project coming on with this one. 

I love how Rene, from Cottage and Vine, has one big bowl as a catch-all, paired with a tray for her perfumes. Simple, easy and elegant. 

I'm also digging this sweet grouping of painted jewelry boxes, from Sarah at The Yellow Cape Cod. I've got a huge, brown and boring box that usually resides in my closet.  Perhaps I'll dig it out and make it over. Simple enough. 

My luck really wore out when I turned my attention toward counter-top make-up solutions. An acrylic organizer doesn't really screaming out cute and creative organization solution, now does it? Back to the drawing board on that. 

Well, there you have it. Inspiration. Lucky you, I've got more images saved on my organization board on Pinterest. Feel free to check it out.

I'm off to get creatively organized.

until next time,