Shells and Succulents

Shells and succulents - has a nice ring to it, no? They go hand in hand, right? Well, when I stumbled across this gigantic concrete shell planter at HomeGoods the other day, I immediately thought it would look great on my patio table, filled with succulents.

Into the cart it went and home it came. A couple of days later, at our local grocery, I found a huge succulent for under $5. A match made in heaven. 

I filled the planter with gravel, to help with drainage, topped it up with potting soil, planted my succulent and called it a day.

Then, the plant whisperer came for the weekend. 
The plant whisperer? 
Oh yes, you've heard of the dog whisperer, the horse whisperer, the ghost whisperer - well, there is also a plant whisperer. Who just happens to be my Mom. 

Seriously, this woman is good with the plants and the flowers. She sees things that I wouldn't even begin to understand. In fact, in one weekend she managed to transform most of my outdoor pots. She is that good. 

So, she added a little bit of this and a bit of that to my shell planter...and just look at her now. Of course, it looked good when she initially filled her up. But a couple of weeks on, and she's really coming into her own. 

Sorry, ladies, not going to share the talent that is my Mom. She's all mine. And my patio looks so much better for it. Speaking of, perhaps I should show you around sometime. 

until next time,