Listening to my own advice?

The other day I was chatting with my cousin about her home. She just recently purchased her first home in a great area of Cincinnati and has been working to modernize and redecorate it over the last year or so. 

Of course, always eager to help, I was excited to receive an email looking for advice about her bedroom.

{Pottery Barn}

She has made some great decisions on her own, but was looking to bounce a couple of additional ideas around. 

So far, she has purchased this bedding from Pottery Barn. 


And these window panels from Target. 

Now, she's in search of floor covering. Her initial thoughts were to go with another warm, neutral in the form of a natural woven rug. But after going back and forth over email a bit, we decided to go in a different direction. 

I just threw this Mood Board together to give you an idea of where we are going. Actually, she hasn't even seen it yet. But, she tells me she reads my blog daily, so here's the test. We'll just see how long it takes her to see this :)
I kid, I kid...I appreciate everyones support. 
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I suggested she go with a rust colored rug, perhaps layered with a natural woven rug, to add another dimension to the room. I like the idea of highlighting one of the lesser seen colors in her bedding. It makes it far less predictable. 

This is the rug she actually purchased from Overstock. {Did you see their massive sale?} 

Of course, a gold colored rug would have looked nice, but maybe just a bit boring. Adding another color to the mix helps add interest. And, of course, some extra textures are always a great addition.

All this talk about her bedroom got me thinking about mine. {Shocker} 
And I came to the conclusion that my room is becoming a bit too predictable. It's all yellow and white, yellow and white. 
Yellow walls, yellow window treatments, yellow accents in the bedding. 
My attempts to lighten up the space are turning it too monochromatic. I definitely need to take it to the next level by highlighting some of the other colors in the bedding. Like the mossy greens, khakis, and even the smoky grays. 

Now, I've got to put on my thinking cap...this is what happens when I listen to my own advice. Craziness. Stay tuned.

until next time,