Mostly Shabby, Slightly Chic Chair Makeover

Let's see... I don't even know where to start when it comes to the story of these chairs. Yes, they are a pair. And yes, I have had them forever. And yes, I have procrastinated on fixing them up for at least a couple of years now. 

Probably because it's one of the biggest projects that I have taken on to date. There was the re-glueing of the frame, the re-tieing of the springs, the installation of new upholstery webbing, the painting and distressing and finally the reupholstering. So I am sure you can understand my apprehension. 

What's that? 
Enough of my jabbering. Bring on the before, you say.
Well, if you insist. But I must warn you, it's really bad. One look and you'll understand why they sat around waiting to be repaired for the last several years.

And just so can fully understand the extent of this project...

Zoinks. Lots to be scared of in this picture. 

I read a tutorial or two online. Watched a video. And in true Liz style, I jumped right in and tackled it my own way. It may not be perfect, but it's a whole lot better than it was. 

{to view my post on re-tying springs and attaching upholstery webbing, click here
to view my post on paint selection and re-upholstery, click here.}

And now it's the perfect bedside chair. Just chippy enough to distinguish it from the white bedside dresser.  Too much white can be kind of boring, in my opinion. Gotta mix it up just a bit. 

Well, as you can see, this side of the room is coming along swimmingly. Or should I say, my side of the room. Shame I have the matching dresser and chair both waiting to be worked on.
Of course, Mr. DD doesn't care about a new bedside dresser or the perfect bit of white chippy-ness to accompany there's no rush, or so he keeps telling me. Men

What did you get up to this weekend?

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