Master Bedroom

As we slowly creep to the end of our 3rd year in this house, it feels like it's finally coming together. We've touched almost every room in the house, some more extensively than others, like: the kids rooms, kitchen, powder room and living room. Others not so much, like: the master bathroom, dining room and office. 

Missing from this list is the Master Bedroom. It's funny that a room we spend most of our time in has been left undone. I guess the excuse could be that most of that time is spent with our eyes closed! 

When we moved in, we did a bit of work to make it more livable. Long term readers may remember this image.

{Master Bedroom before}

That's right. We actually bought a house (with a lot of rooms) that looked this bad. But we knew there was potential. Potential behind that wallpaper and those terrible carpets.

We came away with a nice enough room, and certainly functional. But this lady has dreams. Dreams of more for her bedroom. 

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{My Storage}

Primarily: more storage. But also a lighter look, hopefully new bedding, and finished window treatments.
 I know, I am so demanding! 

{Mr. DD's storage and my dressing table}

Unlike a lot of the rooms I have tackled this year, this project is going to take awhile. So don't expect to come back Monday to a brand new room. I do hope you'll stick with me though.

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