Lessons Learned, the hard way {No.4}

When learning a new skill, some lessons just have to be learned the hard way.

Like when painting outside, sometimes the sun can come out so quickly and unexpectedly that it dries your primer before you can get a smooth coat. When this happens, the only choice is to sand down and start over. Grumble, groan.

Or when you are trying to fit in just one more quick errand while toting around two fussy kids, you can make silly mistakes. Like requesting the wrong paint color and not realizing it until you have already painted the first coat. White Dove does not equal White Down. Hmmm...

All you can do is embrace these mistakes and try to learn from them. A light coat of Golden Oak stain took my bright white dresser to a more muted antique white. Lesson learned. 

Styling is also a series of trial and error around here. Third times the charm. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to score two matching dressers from eBay. Dressers as bedside tables? Yes, please. I told you I needed storage. And the white is really going along way to lighten the look in this room. So far so good. 

Until next time,