Guest Room Reveal

Welcome to our newly decorated guest room. I've been whining endlessly about wanting to update this room for the last couple of years, and it's finally done. No more complaining from me. I'm loving the eclectic, cozy cottage feel up here. Come take a look around.

We switched the layout, so the bed is now the first thing you see when you walk in. That, and of course, my basket/ tray bedside storage. No more confusing this space as a study.

Rounding the corner, you're greeted with the cozy nook complete with chaise and desk. I'm sure this space will get a lot of use, especially during all those free hours my two little girls allow our guests to have. 
That gives me an idea, maybe I'll hide away up here...

A good selection of reading material,  a cozy place to sit with a nice throw to wrap up in...oh yes, I am practically talking myself into slipping up there right now!

At what point does Hide n' Seek turn into just plain old hiding? I kid, I kid.

I used the matching matlesse sham (to the bedding), an embroidered sham and a quitted pillow on the chaise. You may remember that the chaise came from our BGR; I really worked to make it blend with the space and not seem too juvenile. Coordinating, but not matching, the colors from the bedding to the chaise makes it a cohesive space.

The layered quilts and the simple artwork lend toward my desired cottage feel, while the updated color combination helps to keep it from feeling too predictably country. 

Did you notice I changed up the bedside lamps?
 When looking at the bed flanked by both bedside tables, it was starting to feel too random. The easy solution was to match the heights of the lamps and the shades, creating a cohesive look while still using two different lamps and tables. 

And, of course, we can't forget the newly painted, former ugly duckling dresser

I'm so much happier in this space. And I hope our guest will be too. A homey, collected, eclectic, cottage-y guest room {that's a mouth full}. Now taking reservations. If you can't get a hold of me, it's because I'm playing Hide n' Seek in the guest room.

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