Eye Sore No More {Phase 2}

Last I left you, we had completed the new peat gravel patio creating a nice focal point for our garage garden. Termed phase 1, we moved on to phase 2 this past weekend. 

Time to get our plant on. 
Now, it's pretty early in the season, so we're sticking with just the hardy perennial plants for the time being. When the weather stays consistently warmer we'll move on to some blooming annuals. 

It's kind of hard to see what we have going on here because a lot of the plants need to fill in.  But you can get the idea, at least, I hope. All of the hostas were pre-existing as were the blueberry bushes. The large aborvitea was transplanted from another area in the garden.

 Of course, we needed additional plants to fill in the space. Off to Home Depot we went. We're lucky to have a flagship garden center in our area - they have every thing, at excellent prices. 

I like to have one feature plant per bed, like in our lilac garden. In this garden I wanted to feature hydrangea. Last year we purchased 4 pink annabelle hydrangea, which we incorporated. This year, I picked up 3 pink endless summer hydrangea. Yeah, for features! And hydrangea, which are some of my favorites.

Incidentally, I originally wanted blue hydrangea, but the color combo with the purple sand cherry shrub just didn't work. Throw in the red blooming Japanese silver grass and our scheme was moving more toward pink and red than blue and red. 

Oh well, you win some, you loose some. I guess I could of fought harder for the white blooming dogwood over the cherry shrub, but when that pivotal moment came and our pre-schooler requested an ill-timed potty break, I called over my shoulder - " I don't care, you pick"... I'm sure you can guess what ended up in the cart.

Now, all we can do is wait for everything to take off. 
Bloom, baby, bloom. 

Phase 3 will bring with it some blooming annuals, a fully planted window box, plus mulch. 

Until next time,