Eye Sore No More {Phase 1}

This Easter weekend, we took advantage of the mild weather in the Chicagoland area by getting on with a project we "started" last summer. Check it out. It leaves me with only one thing to say: what took so long?

All last summer, this lovingly termed 'garage garden' looked like this. If you recall, we removed some large arborvitae to allow for more sun on our raised bed, kitchen garden. Then we had the window and door replaced in the garage.  

Pretty much an eye sore, wouldn't you say? We had a lot of ideas, but not much progress. First things first, we knew we wanted the window to have more of a presence and decided we could make it a focal point of the garage garden. 

Enter a set of shutters and a window box. Now, the window certainly has much more presence. Both came from Home Depot and took less than 30 minutes to install. Again, all I can say is: why did we wait this long?

Next up, a little sweat equity. Removing some of the hundreds of hostas that border the entire garden. And adding 2 tons of soil. Back breaking work, or so Mr. DD tells me. Hey, I moved the hostas. That has to count for something, right?

Then we added the peat gravel patio. {Tutorial coming up later this week. } Long term goal is to find an interesting statue or piece of art to place on the patio, but in the interim, we added this table that we've had taking up space in the garage. Conveniently, it just fits.

A job well done deserves a celebratory cold one! Pretty excited to be one step closer to eliminating the eye sore for good. 

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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