Bedding: Mixing and Matching

I definitely learned the hard way that adding onto existing bedding is not only challenging, but sometimes nearly impossible! But after loads of searching, I finally came up with something I am really happy with. Take a look.

Perhaps we should back track a bit and start from the beginning. This is the quilt that I wanted to work with. A beautiful color, but not the best print. 

It always felt a bit too country to me. My goal was to mix it up with a more modern style quilt, which would hopefully elevate the style of the whole room.

Here's what I found. A modern quilt, featuring a square pattern to contrast with the small floral print of the existing quilt. It picks up the blue/grey color as well as the two pinks in the flowers. Coordinating enough to go together, but contrasting enough to bring real interest to the space. 

Once the two quilts were together the pink really called out as the accent color. I knew what I was looking for in terms of color for the throw pillows, but patterns was another story...

Alas, I persevered, but it wasn't entirely simple.
Throw in my two homemade pillows and one store bought pillow and it's really starting to come together. 

I found the stripe at a local fabric store and also picked up a cabbage rose style fabric, but when I got them home the cabbage rose made the whole scheme seem too country. Back to the drawing board. 

Another trip to HomeGoods resulted in the pillow with all the quilted circles. It's the perfect, modern accompaniment that picked up all the colors of the square patterned quilt.

Sitting in the living room thinking about my bedding debacle, I looked over and realized the suzani fabric I used in our throw cushions could be the perfect compliment to the quilted pillow. I like how it picks up on the circular pattern and the floral at the same time.

And that's the story of how it all came together. Fairly long-winded, but the result is all that counts, right?

Next up, artwork. And then the full reveal. Looks like I might actually make my deadline after all.

Until next time,