The Project that Almost Did Me In {aka stenciling my powder room}

In my February plan post, I mentioned I wanted to do some work in our powder room. I'd always thought I wanted to have a statement paper in my half bath, but papers are expensive and not for the commitment-phobic. 

The next best thing, I thought, would be to stencil it. I'm not talking about the little stencil borders, I'm talking about an all over bold, graphic pattern - something that might give the impression of wall paper. 
These types of stencils are all over blogland and true to form, I assumed my normal mantra: if I've seen it done, surely I can do it too. Well, let me just tell you, this is the project that nearly had me hang up my beloved DIY hat. Whoever said stenciling is easy, clearly never worked in a small space with lots of corners and moldings.

Here's the brief play by play: It started off easy enough,

Then started to get a bit trickier as I neared the corners,

And THEN became almost laughable when the corners met up with the moldings.

At this point, I realized that the stencil was NOT going to be perfect. Once I came to terms with that, the whole project became much more manageable. In the end, I had to cut the stencil to make smaller pieces that would fit my space. Whatever works, right? 

So, it's done. 
I thought it would only take me an afternoon. But, in reality, it was a two day project. Mostly because I had to keep walking away because it was SO frustrating, but also because my girls were not wanting to nap! {also very frustrating.}

Is it perfect? No. 
Did I go back through with a craft brush to fix some of the bigger areas? You bet I did. 
Did I get crazily obsessed over it? I tried not to.
Does it look like wallpaper? Maybe from a distance, but certainly not up close. 
Am I still happy with the outcome? Yes, I am. 

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