Powder Room Reveal

You've seen the stencil and the mirror, but you haven't seen them together...until now!

Welcome to our newly glamorized powder room.

The new scheme has proved to be pretty tonal, but I'm liking it. {White and cream together has always been a favorite.} In fact, the slightly wilted roses are the only bold color in the space, and clearly, they aren't a permanent feature.

I've kept the rustic hanging shelf, because along with white and cream, casual elegance is also one of my favorite things. Nothing crazy here on the shelves: soaps, scented candle and extra TP. It's not rocket science. 

But not everything in this space is new. In fact, the beautiful brass towel bar was here when we moved in.  I'm so happy we didn't trash it when we remodeled this room in the early days. 

The crystal and brass light fixture is also original to this room. I knew immediately, we'd keep this piece; a good cleaning was all it needed to really shine. And of course, it adds that bit of glamor that I really wanted in this space.

So, there you have it. An updated bath with a casually elegant feel. I may, very well, be in love. How about you?

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