A Very Kid Friendly Focal Point

A wall-spanning chalkboard has been in the plans for the new playroom for a long time. 

Whenever we visit my parents in Cincinnati, we always go to a restaurant that has a gigantic chalkboard that my daughter loves to draw on. Perfect focal point for a playroom. Who says kids rooms can't incorporate a bit of design?

 We determined a location on the back wall for our little installation; got our measurements and headed off to Lowe's. Actually, I decided to task Mr. DD with this little project, so he headed off to Lowe's, measurements in hand (3'x6').

One large piece of MDF and a couple pieces of trim later, the studs were found and the levels were taken. We're ready to do some actual work around here.

Here's an extremely flattering photo of me actually doing said work. What a rarity to get out from behind the camera. Honestly, you must think that Mr. DD does all the heavy lifting around here. 

After one coat of primer and two coats of chalkboard paint (sanding between each coat) we were left with this. It's definitely calling out for a bit of trim, don't you think? Me too.

We chose to place the trim directly on top of the MDF, initially gluing it on using Liquid Nails and then applying finishing nails.

 The corners were cut at a 45 degree angle using the mitre saw. We also applied additional trim across the bottom to act as a chalk tray. 

Colored chalk was a must!

Ah, a very kid friendly focal point.

Best of all, it provides hours of entertainment.

I'll be back with more updates to the playroom soon - we got quite a bit accomplished this weekend!

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