Art Center

In my last post, I shared our new chalkboard, which acts as a very kid friendly focal point in our playroom. I went on to say that I believe kids rooms can and should include good design. But alas, not all aspects of a kids space can be more than pure function. Which brings me to our art center.

A simple white shelving unit, brought in from our family room (which incidentally, is also in the basement just across from the playroom), filled with baskets containing all sorts of arts and crafts excitement.

Also moving to the playroom is the refurbished table and chairs, which she received as a Christmas gift last year. 

Above a simple art display area.

You might also notice that we've added colored foam play tiles to the floor.

Cork squares from Target.

Don't you just love a 3 year olds smile - so natural!

Target also came through in the pinch with their $1 baskets for crayons, pencils, markers and stickers.

So there you have it. The art center, in all it's glory!

It doesn't take much to make a kid happy after all. 

Surprisingly this playroom has come together pretty quickly. I've got a couple little bits left though, like: creating more art display, creating kid participation wall art and I'm even debating adding something to incorporate a bit of stage presence. We'll see..

Until next time,