Burlap Placemat How To

You may have noticed this cute burlap placemat from my Thanksgiving table post.

Well, I am proud to say that I actually made it and I didn't use fusing tape, for once. 

That's right, I am finally learning to sew. My sweet Mother-in-Law gifted me her old sewing machine and gave me my first lesson as well. 
I know, you're probably thinking - it's about time!!!

Anywho, enough about me - I'll share the details of the burlap placemat - and clearly, if I can make it, so can you!

First, cut out your placemats. 
I used an existing placemat as a template for the size.

I decided to make 4 placemats - I didn't want to over exert myself on my first project! 

It's so simple - sew a seam about an inch from the edge.
All you have to do is keep a straight line. Of course, I didn't have that much luck with that, but it's easily correctable if you run into the same problem. 

Once the seam is in place, start pulling the burlap apart to create the fringe.

If your seams aren't straight and neither is your fringe, you can always trim with sharp scissors.
See, I told you this project really couldn't be any easier.

The perfect start to what I hope will be many more sewing projects in my future.

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