Nursery Reveal

Well, it's finally time. I have been taunting you for weeks with all the nursery projects and hoping/promising a reveal before our little one arrived...And I've done it!

Our last delivery arrived yesterday and we officially finished the nursery last night. The sun came out this morning so I was able to get some decent pictures - it's like it was meant to be! 

Nothing like taking it to the wire though, in fact, as most of you read this, I will be at the hospital - hopefully having a smooth induction. Fingers crossed!

So without further ado, I welcome you to Baby E's room...

Now, as most of you know, our first little girl was born in London and her nursery doubled as a guest room - needless to say, it wasn't terribly over the top! 

We moved into this house when she was a little over one years old - and to be honest, we had bigger fish to fry than creating a cute nursery - so we painted the walls the color of her most beloved and cherished favorite stuffy and called it a day. 

If you'd like to see where we started, click here

With the announcement of this little girl, I knew I wanted to update our nursery and make it special for her.

First I added the painted tree mural and then the homemade mobile. 
You can read about both projects here and here

But, of course I couldn't stop there! 
My mind was spinning with all the possibilities. 

We updated her armoire using fabric and ribbon. 
You can read all about that project here

And of course, I had to add back the glow-in-the-dark sparkly stars! 
A special gift from Daddy never gets discarded.

The space between the window and armoire was looking a bit bare, so I created this simple artwork, inspired by this Land of Nod alphabet wall art.

I've had the alphabet cards forever. They first resided in the Big Girl Room but I got tired of re-sticking them every couple of days, so they came down and awaited their next purpose. Now they are velcro-ed in place and simply hung in a poster board frame. 

Moving on over to the other side of the room, I created a simple wall gallery above her dresser, which doubles as a changing table.

A feminine mirror, another little E, a frame which awaits a new family photo (but currently holds a scrap piece of the zig zag fabric from the armoire), a chalk/pin board, and a print purchased from Etsy complete the look. 

And before you go asking - No, we won't be sharing her name until she arrives. But I figured you'd enjoy guessing in the meantime. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek around our new nursery. I certainly enjoyed creating it and can't wait to meet the little lady that will be calling it home. 

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